The Heart of Sustainability: Restoring Ecological Balance from the Inside out

by Andrés R. Edwards, New Society Publishers, 2015



INTRODUCTION: Looking Within to Seed an Enduring Vision for the Future

CHAPTER 1: A New Story
Anatomy of a Story | Our Role in the Hero’s Journey | Living Between Stories Themes of the New Story | Visions of the New Story

CHAPTER 2: Changing the Old Story
From Separate to Aligned with Nature | From Scarcity to Abundance | From Fear to Assurance | Reframing the Ecological Crisis

CHAPTER 3: Purpose, Meaning, and Happiness
Quality of Life | Nature and Well-being | Social Ecotones | Gathering in Public Places | Personal and Global Happiness

CHAPTER 4: Reconnecting to Ourselves and to Nature
Ecology | Economy | Equity | Education | The External Es and Internal Cs | Consciousness | Creativity | Compassion | Connection

CHAPTER 5: Leading from the Heart
Leadership Styles | Being of Service | Supporting Positive Qualities Through Conversations | Leading from Within

CHAPTER 6: Activism with Heart
Types of Activists | Mental Models and What Motivates Us | Spiritual Activism | Sacred Activism and Networks of Grace | Giftivism | Activism and Faith Communities

CHAPTER 7: Finding and Connecting the Dots
System Shifts | Places to Intervene in a System | The Lisbon Principles | Holistic Education | Conservation Psychology | Ecological Intelligence and Related Quotients | Empathy and Nature

CHAPTER 8: Envisioning a Compelling Future
The Future We Want | The Sharing Economy | Future Paths | The COURAGE Framework | Looking Within

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