Exhibit Design

Andrés Edwards works with teams of writers, researchers, graphic designers and fabricators to design inspiring public spaces describing science conservation efforts, natural and cultural history for museums, visitor centers, zoos and aquariums throughout the US. He focuses in the concept and interpretive elements with a keen appreciation for conveying the client’s goals and objectives and sourcing sustainable materials for the fabrication phase.

Andrés Edwards and his team at EduTracks focus on Sustainability Education exhibits and interactive programs. For further details on any of the projects listed below, please visit the EduTracks Projects: Exhibits page of the Edutracks web site and the EduTracks Projects: Interactive page of the Edutracks web site.

County of Marin Community Development Agency


Project Director, Marin County Waste Tires display
San Rafael, California

The Marin County Waste Tires display provides the County's Community Development Agency with a portable tool for promoting their education and outreach programs about Waste Tires.

PRBO Conservation Science


Project Director, San Francisco Bay Center
Petaluma, California

Andres Edwards directed the management, design, interpretive development and fabrication for the headquarters building lobby exhibit about conservation science programs from this scientific nonprofit organization. (2005-2006)


Project Co-Director, Palo Marin Visitor Center
Bolinas, California

Andres Edwards co-directed the management, design, interpretive development and fabrication for the exhibits at this field station which describes the field programs from this scientific nonprofit organization. (1999-2000)

Sea Studios


California Academy of Sciences
San Francisco, California

The Wild California Hall in San Francisco's California Academy of Sciences celebrates the diversity of California's habitats through dioramas and video programs. While the dioramas present the habitats' intricate web of life, the accompanying video programs enhance the visitors' experience with natural history stories.

The Sibbett Group


Pier 1 Exhibit, Port Of San Francisco
San Francisco, California

Andres Edwards worked as an interpretive developer for this exhibit about the history, current and future activities of the San Francisco waterfront. (1999 - 2000)


Bay Area Discovery Museum
Marin County, California

The Bay Area Discovery Museum, a children's museum located near Sausalito, California houses the Tot Spot exhibit which provides an enthusiastic approach for toddlers to learn about their natural environment.


Begich, Boggs Visitor Center
Portage Valley, Alaska

Andres Edwards worked in the concept design and interpretive development for this Forest Service center examining the ecology and cultural history of the Kenai Peninsula and Prince William Sound. (1999 - 2000)


San Francisco Maritime Museum
San Francisco, California

Andres Edwards worked as the interpretive developer for the "Sparks, Waves and Wizards" exhibit about the history of maritime communications and the current use of communications technology in San Francisco Bay. (1999 - 2000)

Ancona + Associates


Worlds Fair, Expo 1993
Taejon, Korea

Andres Edwards worked as interpretive developer for the Host Pavilion at the 1993 World’s Fair. Using the theme of “roads,” (flower road, silk road, cross-roads…) this pavilion tells the cultural and economic development story of Korea. (1990-1992)

"Andres did great work and delivered on a very tight schedule. Plus, it was refreshing working with a fellow LEED Accredited Professional."